Edward Elric is a state alchemist from Amestris. He is born in Resembool, to the beautiful Trisha Elric and genius Van Hohenheim. He is also the brother of an awesome man named Alphonse Elric. They lost his arm, leg and his younger brother's body in an attempt to ressurect their dead mother. He decided to be a state alchemist to get his and Alphonse's bodies back to normal by searching for the Philosopher's stone.

His first assignment as a state alchemist wasn't actually a mine coal inspection or Isaac McDougal's apprehension, but it was more of an assassination of Edturd Cullen, wanted of terrorizing prepubescent females by watching them sleep. Alphonse asked if he needed help, but he turned his offer to help him down. After that, they spot Fuckwad Colon, wandering around Central Command, looking for a next victim. Edweird Cullen tried to attack, but The human micro proved himself a threat not just to Edturd, but to all Meyerpires and Meyerwolves, as he killed Edturd Colon with just one swing of his awesome Automail Blade.